Skybell, WiFi, GSM, Wireless, Wired

As with most security requirements, Qolsys may have the answer.  Much the same as the Ring doorbell, Skybell provides the same facilities, but it also fully integrates seamlessly with Qolsys, and the Alarm.com App, and it also allows door locks to be unlocked  remotely.

However for a fully featured video intercom the Fermax VEO WiFi system is our go to product as calls report to the monitor shown, and shortly after report to your Videx Blue App on your smartphones. Thus allowing you to have full duplex conversations with your visitors from anywhere in the world, and also grant them access through your automated gates if you wish.

We can still provide the standard wired, wireless, or GSM intercom systems if this is the preferred option.

To find out more about Skybell, watch the video below!